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Wisconsin Assembly To Vote On Banning Vaccine ‘Passports’

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Republicans who control the Wisconsin Assembly were set to approve bills Tuesday that would require employers to count a prior coronavirus infection as an alternative to vaccination and testing and prohibit vaccine passports.

Both measures would face a likely veto from Democratic Gov. Tony Evers. The governor last year vetoed a GOP bill that would have barred public health officials from requiring people get vaccinated.

Republican backers maintain natural immunity is at least as effective as being vaccinated. Similar bills passed in Florida and Arkansas last year.

A number of Wisconsin medical groups, including the Wisconsin Medical Society, oppose the measure, arguing vaccination is the best way to protect against COVID-19 and it’s not clear how long natural immunity lasts. Data from the state health department shows unvaccinated people are hospitalized at a rate nearly 11 times higher than fully vaccinated people.

No groups have registered in support the proposal.

Republican co-sponsors of the bill banning vaccine passports say they proposed it because they’re worried that President Joe Biden’s administration may mandate such passports. Reps. Rob Stafsholt and Scott Krug say the bill would prevent government overreach.

The Wisconsin Association of Local Health Departments and Boards as well as the Wisconsin Public Health Association have registered against the measure.

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Source: CBS Minnesota

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