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This year's apple picking season could be one of the best, orchards say

GRANT, Minn. — We’re now in prime apple picking time, and local growers say this year’s crop is one of the best yet.

So far this has been Sunnybrook Orchard’s most successful growing season since they started growing apples in 2016. Last year they had two bushels of Zestar apples to sell, this year they have 155 to sell.

Last year, bad weather destroyed their crop. The growing season started out well despite the drought, because they have an irrigation system in place on the farm. But late summer hail and wind storms came through and either knocked their apples off the trees early or damaged a majority of the apples that stayed on the tree.

“The hail we had last year was a very fine hail, and when I came out after the storm I couldn’t even see the damage, but the ants and hornets do and they immediately exploit that damage and crack in the apple. Next thing you know it’s an apple you can’t sell,” said the owner of Sunnybrook, Jeff Anderson.

Now, they have their eyes on the honeycrisp apple, which will be ready to pick soon. Anderson says they’re ready for customers to come down and pick from their trees this weekend, but that’s all weather-dependent.

They post updates on when their apples are ready to pick on their website and Facebook page.

Source: CBS Minnesota

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