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Protesters set to issue demands over Minneapolis homeless encampment clearings

MINNEAPOLIS — A group of protesters who were camped outside Minneapolis City Hall have been moved. They were fighting the city’s decision to clear out homeless encampments across the city last week.

The situation reportedly escalated after police gave them orders to pack up and leave the encampment. Instead they got on the Metro Transit light rail tracks, they said, in an effort to be heard.

Eventually both sides started talking to reach an agreement. However, on Wednesday at 1 p.m., protesters with Communities United Against Police Brutality are planning on issuing a list of demands of the city. They also plan to request the Minneapolis City Council to “sign a resolution in support of a moratorium on raids of encampments and small camps.” That press conference will be streamed on CBS News Minnesota live at 1 p.m.

“Nobody gets on the tracks to stay on the tracks, they get on the tracks to force action. Once that action started happening people stepped off the tracks,” protester Kevin McCarron said.

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The group then moved to a spot outside of the Hennepin County Government Center. Hennepin County handed out flyers that read, “You are welcome here,” with some ground rules. Those rules included following city ordinances and state laws, and that visitors may not camp or sleep. They also can’t use tents, tarps or tables.

Avivo Village did find space for 11 people from city hall; that’s the indoor tiny home shelter in the North Loop neighborhood.

Source: CBS Minnesota

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