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Now I wish I would have walked away

Nick Sandmann, the Kentucky high school student whose face became widely known after he stood in front of a drum-banging Native American elder on the Mall in Washington, said he wished he had just walked away.

The joke here is a school that would bring a bunch of kids to an event without properly preparing them to engage older adults that are there supporting their cause.

The joke is the media coverage and the story conveyed. An abuse of their access to the public and air-time whereby they “created” a story because there was nothing else to print that day.

In the picture it would appear that Nick placed a bet with his friends that he could face off with the protestor and not bust out laughing. The smirk isn’t a smirk at all, it is a child holding in emotion developed by a person he does not understand.

You could say that Nick should be applauded for a bold step, he engaged while the others simply laughed. Steps forward like this can lead to greater understanding in the right environment. It’s the kids on the sidelines “being good” and not questioning or even considering that we shoudl worry about.

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