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Mother speaks out after 25-year-old daughter was shot on Nicollet Mall

MINNEAPOLIS — The mother of a shooting victim is speaking out about gun violence in hopes of promoting peace on the streets.

Her 25-year-old daughter was shot on 9th Street and Nicollet Mall in broad daylight on Aug. 10.

Hennepin County attorneys have charged 23-year-old Perishea Young with attempted murder and first degree assault.

“I’m angry and sad at the same time,” said Margaret Daniels. For the past 10 days, Daniels has not left the side of daughter, Shauwna Campbell.

She was shot on her birthday, and it was the last time she heard her youngest daughter’s voice.



“She Facetimed me saying, ‘Happy birthday, Mommie, when I get paid we are going to get some lobster and some steak,'” Daniels said.

Shauwna did not make it to dinner. According to the criminal complaint, surveillance cameras captured Campbell and Young arguing.

Someone stepped in to stop the argument when Young could be seen pulling a gun out of her purse, taking several steps towards Campbell and shooting her at close range.

“The nurse called me, and she said get down here, it’s very serious, and it was,” Daniels said. “I go  in that room I touch her arm, and I can feel a pulse in her, she was moving her eyes, she is in there, but there is nothing they can do for her. I’m sitting up here now having to make a decision on whether to pull the plug on my child, because she is not going to get better, and that hurts, oh I swear, it hurts so much.” 

Daniels knows her grandchildren, 6-year-old Elysia and 2-year-old Charles, Jr. will become her responsibility.

When asked how the community could help her, Daniels said: “By getting these guns off the street.” 

She added: “Figure some kind of way, you know, this is too much. You look at the news and that’s all you hear now is somebody getting shot. And then it’s women shooting now, it used to be the guys, the gang members, but now it’s females doing it, and not caring.” 

Daniels is praying through her pain as well as for the child of the woman who shot her daughter.

“She turned herself in, and she has a kid herself, and now he is not going to have a mom. You got to think twice before you pull the gun and shoot someone,” Daniels said.

Young faces up to 40 years in prison if convicted. A fund has been set up to help Campbell’s children.

Source: CBS Minnesota

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