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MN volunteers who helped with Hurriacne Ian recovery head back to Midwest

MINNEAPOLIS — It’s been nearly three weeks since Hurricane Ian hit the shores of southwestern Florida, leaving devastation in its wake. Since then, volunteers from all over the country have made their way to help, including Minnesotans.

This week, volunteers from non-profits like the Salvation Army and American Red Cross are now returning home after a two-week deployment in Florida. But the work there is far from over, it’s just time for a new cycle of volunteers to answer the call.

Dan Furry, with the Salvation Army, is one of the few volunteers from Minnesota. He returned home Sunday but says he will forever be impacted by the experience he had in Florida.

“I got to see folks working arm in arm,” he said. “Putting aside their differences. Whether it’s political, or whatever. To help other Americans. And that was great.”

It’s going to take years for folks in Florida to recover. There are more than 100 deaths, and a recovery price tag of an estimated $100 billion.

Furry said it’s a grueling but fulfilling experience. In the two-week deployment, volunteers work long hours, seven days a week.

Furry helped feed and replenish victims while there. He even met a Minnesota woman living there.

“I met a woman from Minnesota who was living in a trailer home park. We were just going around going around and offering meals and beverages. The gratitude that she and her neighbors expressed was very moving,” he said.

According to Furry, the Salvation Army is now transitioning its focus to clean up; passing out clean up kits and other supplies to those impacted.

Furry said any help, whether it’s physically volunteering, praying or donating money helps with their efforts of disasters relief.

Source: CBS Minnesota

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