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Minneapolis Ethical Practices Board Dismisses Ethics Complaints Filed Against Mayor Frey

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Minneapolis Ethical Practices Board has dismissed ethics complaints filed against Mayor Jacob Frey in connection to his handling of the Amir Locke fatal shooting, the mayor’s office announced Wednesday.

In February, a coalition of Minneapolis residents gathered at city hall to demand an ethics investigation into Frey over his alleged lying about banning no-knock raids. The press conference occurred a week after a Minneapolis Police Department SWAT team member fatally shot Locke, a 22-year-old Black man, inside a downtown apartment during a no-knock raid. The group accuses Frey of lying and misleading residents about banning no-knock warrants.

Frey’s office says the ethics complaints filed during the activists’ press conference have been dismissed as “meritless and duplicative” and did not meet the minimum requirements to prompt a hearing by the ethics board.

“The Board’s finding of no merit is welcomed but entirely unsurprising,” Frey said. “This stunt was always more about politics than it was about ethics, as was shown in this decision. Fixing the real shortcomings in our public safety system is not advanced by performative measures. True change comes from a commitment to collaboration and digging in to find actionable solutions for our common goal of a more just and accountable approach to policing. I’m grateful to those who continue showing up for that hard work.”

Hundreds of ethics complaints were filed against Frey after the fatal shooting of Locke. Critics have also called for the mayor to resign.

Locke’s death prompted calls for a rehaul in search warrant application and execution in the city, including the ban on no-knock warrants. Earlier this week, Frey announced a proposed policy that would prohibit all no-knock, no-announcement search warrants.

Source: CBS Minnesota

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