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Meet Iao And Breezy, Two New Baby Dall’s Sheep Born At Como Zoo

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The Como Zoo has new fluffy friends: Iao and Breezy, two Dall’s sheep, were both born in April.

The lambs were born roughly three weeks apart to two different mothers; Iao was born on April 1, while Breezy was born on April 24. Both are healthy and eating well, zoo officials say.

The zoo says Iao is “prancing about” the home she shares with her mother Drizzle, her father Sylvester, aunt Sunny, and Breezy.

A donor was given the opportunity to name her. He said Iao means “cloud” and is the name of a valley in Maui that he and his wife both adore.

Iao (Credit: Como Zoo)

Sunny gave birth to Breezy on the night of her third birthday. The zookeepers who take care of Como’s hoofed animals named her.

“Breezy seems to fit her personality,” said zookeeper Jill Erzar. “She scampers around so lightly and is surprisingly very graceful for a baby not even a week old. It’s an added bonus that it fits the fun weather theme we have for names.”

Breezy (Credit: Como Zoo)

Dall’s sheep are known for the rams’ massive, curled horns. Ewes also carry horns, though theirs are shorter and more slender.

The typical gestation period for a Dall’s sheep is 175 days.

Source: CBS Minnesota

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