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Judith Giuliani discusses marriage to Rudy Giuliani in exclusive "Inside Edition" interview

NEW YORK — Judith Giuliani spoke with “Inside Edition” about the end of her marriage to Rudy Giuliani, as well as his political career.

Anchor Deborah Norville says Judith Giuliani sat down for the exclusive interview in part because she says she’s had some challenges getting the settlement of her divorce decree with Rudy Giuliani.

“The marriage ended after 15 years. She says a big part of that was when Giuliani was unsuccessful in running for president in 2008. She says he went into a great depression, and they spent a lot of time at Mar-A-Lago, where Donald Trump was in many ways a consoler to former mayor Giuliani. She says that Giuliani is addicted to two things: the limelight and power,” Norville explained.

For more of the “Inside Edition” interview, click here.

Source: CBS Minnesota

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