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How to help your crispy lawn during our June drought

MINNEAPOLIS — June is typically our wettest month of the year. But this year it’s been unusually dry

We’ve only had an inch of rain this month, which is nearly 3.5 inches below average

Several counties in the metro as well as a few in the south are abnormally dry. It’s not great, but it’s certainly not like it was last June, when most of the state was in a moderate or severe drought.



If your lawn has gotten a little gold and crispy, Bachman’s horticulturalist Heather Johnson says watering in the morning is best. Give it a good soaking if you can, and don’t forget your trees, shrubs and hanging baskets.

“Golden grass does not mean completely-dead lawn,” Johnson said. “If you can pull that out and you’re looking at dry, shriveled-up, almost cement-like roots that are really brittle and break, that’s when it’s time to rethink what you wanna do with your lawn.”

Johnson says spot seeding would be OK right now if you have patches in your lawn, but ideally a full re-seed would happen this fall.

Source: CBS Minnesota

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