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Face the Nation: Markarova, Krebs, Gates

Missed the second half of the show? The latest on…Oksana Markarova tells “Face the Nation” that while the U.S. is supplying weapons, “there is no such thing as fast enough when we are up against such a bad enemy and we have to catch up for such a long pause in weapons ordering”, Chris Krebs, tells “Face the Nation” that while there likely will not be a “one single catastrophic AI-enabled event” threatening the 2024 election, he foresees a “steady drumbeat where we, where the voters, the public are just going to lose confidence and trust in the overarching information ecosystem”, and Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates tells “Face the Nation” that “I’m not even going to begin to go there” about voting for former President Donald Trump in 2024, who he has written has “disdain for allies, fondness for authoritarian leaders, erratic behavior undermined his credibility.”
Source: CBS Minnesota

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