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Black Lives Matter Minnesota Rallies In Support Of George Floyd At State Capitol, Issues 12 Demands

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — At the Minnesota State Capitol Friday, activists held a rally in support of George Floyd during the trial of Derek Chauvin.

Black Lives Matter Minnesota organized the March, which started at 4 p.m. Friday.

The group has a list of demands for police-involved violence.

One of those demands calls for the City of Minneapolis to renegotiate its contract with the police union.

Another asks for the same amount of money being spent on trial security to pay for housing the homeless.

Below is the full list of demands supplied by Black Lives Matter Minnesota, verbatim:

  • We demand that Derek Chauvin be convicted and sent to prison.
  • The Jury selection process in the United States is still racist we demand a Black woman and man whose ancestors descend from slavery to be on the jury.
  • We demand the same amount of money spent on security for the trial be spent on housing the homeless in Minneapolis.
  • We demand that the cases of Thurman Blevins Jamar Clark & Terrence Franklin be reopened and that their families are properly compensated.
  • We demand the City of Minneapolis requires all police officers to carry Personal Professional Liability Insurance.
  • We demand the contract with the Police union is renegotiated.
  • We demand Community Control of The Police
  • We demand an End fo the 1033 Grant Program
  • We demand a national database of killer cops.
  • We demand that the Hardel Sherrell Act be passed into law.
  • We demand that families of stolen lives be granted access to any body camera footage within 24 hours of a police-related incident that results in death.
  • We demand Reparations for the American Descendants of Chattel Slavery that addresses The Criminal Injustice System and stopping police terror in the United States

Source: CBS Minnesota

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