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3 MPD Officers Justified In Using Deadly Force In Dolal Idd Shooting, Dakota Co. Attorney Concludes

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Dakota County Attorney Kathy Keena announced Friday that deadly force was justified in the shooting of Dolal Idd by three Minneapolis police officers.

Keena says the decision not to file charges against officers Paul Huyhn, Darcy Klund and Jason Schmitt came after a thorough review of the facts surrounding the death of Idd on Dec. 30.

“It is my conclusion that given the facts and circumstances of this incident, it was objectively reasonable for the three peace officers to believe Mr. Idd posed a deadly threat to them and other officers at the scene at the time they fired their weapons,” Keena said in the charging decision.

According to search warrant documents, officers with the Minneapolis Police Department’s Community Response Team were using an informant and trying to buy guns that Idd, 23, was allegedly selling illegally.

The officers stopped Idd at a gas station just off of East 36th Street and Cedar Avenue. A gunfight broke out, and ended with Idd dying at the scene. The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension says investigators at the scene recovered a handgun and a MAC-10 assault-style handgun from Idd’s car.

Minneapolis police say officer body camera video showed that Idd fired at officers first.

Dolal Idd (credit: CBS)

All three officers said they discharged their firearms at Idd because they believed he was either trying to kill them and/or the police officers at the scene. Officer Klund also said he opened fire to defend customers located in the parking lot, according to the charging decision document.

Hours after Idd’s death, Hennepin County Sheriff Deputies served a high-risk warrant at the family’s Eden Prairie home. The family was outraged, saying deputies restrained them as they searched the home for weapons and that officers didn’t inform Idd’s family of his death until after that search. No weapons were found.

The Minnesota BCA led the investigation into the shooting. At the request of the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office, the Dakota County Attorney’s Office reviewed the BCA investigation and the lawfulness of the officers’ actions.

“Although I have concluded the use of deadly force was justified in this instance, any loss of life is a tragic occurrence and I wish to extend my personal condolences to the family of Dolal Idd for their great loss,” Keena said a news release.

The family says without the full body camera footage from all officers, it’s inconclusive. In July, Idd’s family called for the BCA to keep investigating and for Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison to take the case.

Source: CBS Minnesota

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