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2nd day of deliberations underway in Jamal Smith trial

MINNEAPOLIS — A jury on Wednesday entered the second day of deliberations in the murder trial for the man accused of killing a youth baseball coach.

Jamal Smith is charged with murder in the shooting death of Jay Boughton in Plymouth last summer. The shooting happened as Boughton drove his son home from a baseball game.

According to investigators, Smith allegedly shot Boughton after the drivers had an altercation on Highway 169 in Plymouth. In the days following the incident, the police chief called the shooting “one of the most tragic events” he’s witnessed in his 20 years of policing.

From the outset, prosecutors described Smith as ticked off when Boughton honked and then gestured at his driving. The defense maintained there was no way he could drive and shoot, and implied it was someone else in the car who opened fire.

There’s no question the fatal shot came from Smith’s vehicle, but the jury must decide if the evidence proves he was the one to pull the trigger.

The trial testimony confirms there were three people in Smith’s SUV. They were all armed. Only Smith was arrested.

Prosecutors called more than 30 witnesses and shared more than 100 exhibits over the course of the seven-day trial which began on July 11. Prosecutors are seeking a stiffer sentence, in part because Boughton’s young son witnessed the shooting.

The jury deliberated for about four hours Tuesday before going home.

WCCO will update if we learn a verdict has been reached. 

Source: CBS Minnesota

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