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St. Louis Park Homeowners impacted by water main breaks eager for city reimbursement

ST. LOUIS PARK, Minn. — It’s been nearly two months since two water main breaks flooded the basements of more than 50 homes in St. Louis Park.

The first happened on May 21 and the second on June 3. The city said that more a million gallons of water flooded through the sewer line and into the basements of homeowners near Minnetonka Boulevard between Texas and Sumter avenues south.

The pipe has seen been repaired, the city said, however homeowners are still dealing with the aftermath.

Dave and Julie North woke up to more than 2 feet of water in their basement on the morning of May 21.

“We had to pretty much throw everything out,” Julie North said.

So far they said they received $20,000 from the city’s insurance and are hopeful for more. But with a total price tag around $125,000, they’re left paying for most of the work up front and hoping for reimbursement soon through the city’s reimbursement program.

“It’s a lot of paperwork and if there are people who don’t understand it and aren’t computer savvy, they are probably struggling more with getting the process complete,” North said.

A city spokesperson said the application for the reimbursement program will become available August 1. They’re still working out details about the program, but said the city will provide an update to homeowners this week.

Jenny and Dimi Lalos’s basement was hit by both water main breaks just a month after they moved in with their little girls.



“Sort of an unwelcomed welcome to the neighborhood,” Dimi Lalos said.

They qualify for more funding from the city since they were impacted by both water main breaks. But like others, they’re still waiting to learn more about the reimbursement program, and when they will see more funds.

“Obviously there’s some frustration but there is also some recognition on our part I’m sure they couldn’t have seen it and wouldn’t have hoped this on any of their constituents,” Lalos said.

Floating toys have since been replaced, while other items cannot.

“Her little baby blanket which was what we took all of her like first-year milestone pictures on,” Lalos said.

Both families are taking proactive steps during remodeling, whether it be adding a sump pump, or propping up appliances.

“That will hopefully help, you know, not destroy the whole basement again,” North said.

As for the investigation into what caused the breaks, the city said five homeowners volunteered for the selection process for an independent consultant to conduct an evaluation of the water main breaks.

Click here for more information about the water main breaks and city’s response.

Source: CBS Minnesota

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