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Minneapolis start-up aims to change lives of people with substance abuse disorder

MINNEAPOLIS – A Minneapolis start-up is changing the way people with substance abuse disorder can get help. It’s an online, one-stop shop for services. 

Rock bottom is a place Maryam Abdi knows too well.

“I honestly feel like I would’ve died,” Abdi said.

Substance abuse problems, mental health medical issues all had her feeling alone and on the verge of collapse.

“I just didn’t have the will to fight anymore, like I was too tired and I was too sick,” she said.

The services she had found didn’t work for her. Then came Kyros.

“They gave me like all the services that I need,” she said.

It’s an app that connects professional counselors and support specialists with the people who need support.

Daniel Larson, an alcoholic who is now sober, is the founder and CEO.

“After you get assessed, they connect you with all of these different resources because that assessment’s gonna refer you to residential, or outpatient, or maybe detoxification.”



Kyros provides the platform, but it’s the specialists who become each client’s personal guide, navigating them through the thorny world of getting help — medical, mental, legal – where needed.

“She literally meets up with me three times a week, she helps me with like my health, you know, we have our like chats or pep talks,” Abdi said.

“They’re constantly sharing resources, availability in real time,” Larson said.

It’s a service that’s badly needed. A record number of Minnesotans – 1,286 – overdosed and died last year. That’s nearly three people every day.

Abdi says she came so close to adding another number to that tragic trend.

“I never cry, but this place, I mean iit just saved my life,” she said. 

The app is free to use, and the company bills insurance where it can.

Kyros is helping more than 700 Minnesotans.

Source: CBS Minnesota

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