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Former Vikings WR Stefon Diggs says Minnesota has "the best fair in the world"

MINNEAPOLIS — There’s been a lot of speculation about why Stefon Diggs’ tenure with the Vikings ended in a tiff and, ultimately, a trade to the Buffalo Bills. Was it his relationship with quarterback with Kirk Cousins? Unhappiness with his role in the offense?

One thing we can rule out: it wasn’t the entertainment in Minnesota. Diggs tweeted Tuesday that the state “has the best fair in the world lol no debate.”

“I haven’t been to a fair or carnival in so long,” Diggs tweeted earlier. “I need a funnel cake.”

The Minnesota State Fair is the nation’s second largest, behind only Texas. It’s been named the best in the nation by publications like USA Today and Insider. In addition to entertainment, attractions and educational experiences, the Great Minnesota Get-Together boasts some of the most inventive and enticing food you’ll find at any fairground.

Perhaps Diggs can find some time before the NFL season starts to steal away to his former home and visit the fair, which runs Aug. 25 through Sept. 5. He could probably even score a free ticket by virtue of his involvement in the Minneapolis Miracle, arguably the greatest play in Vikings history.

If not, the Great New York State Fair takes place during the same timeframe.

Diggs’ Bills will host the Vikings on Nov. 13. It’ll be the first time he sees his former team on the field.

Source: CBS Minnesota

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